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Stina, Men Can'T Help Acting On Stina.

Persecutory Exchange


Now we are home again after 3veckors interrailing spirit. What a holiday! Very different! It was really easy to travel in this way, but it was hard to pack. You had to take care not to act too much so you are not able to bear, it was supposed to also keep an eye on the gasket all the time so it is not any stolen or tampered with! Linn and I have just become even better friends after this trip, and what a lot of fun (and funny) people we've met! Very social way to travel! Tell you more ...

Chateau vacation

I've just booket my vacation for the summer. We're going to live in a chateau in Brittany. It's going to be really awesome! I've never done anything like this before so I think it'll be really interesting. There's a lot of things you can do there as well so it's going to be really coolt I think! And the rest of the family seems to like the idea a lot so that's really good. We're leaving in a couple of weeks and we've already started the countdown! We really can't wait for the vacation! But once we're there it ...

Going to France

I've been thinking of going on a vacation to Brittany. I think that would be great actually. I mean, France is a really nice country, but I've only been in the big cities. I would like to see how it's out in the countryside. And I really think that Brittany is going to be great. I really hope so anyway. But I'm really looking forward to it. I think I'm going to book the tickets now. I'm taking some friends with me as well so I don't get too lonely down there.

Good day

If you suffer from jointpain then this can spoil your whole day. Things that are otherwise enjoyable suddenly become painful and they form a challenge you are not looking forward to. The annoying thing is that normal painkillers like aspirines only help for a little while and will not keep you going the whole day, unless you really take a lot of them and that may have other bad effects. I'm glad I don't have that. Like today, without many problems I painted a table on the terrace and I didn't have any pain. It was a good day and ...